Thursday, December 21, 2017

Geometry Links - December 21, 2017

true/false - algorithmic kinetic light artwork
Fragments of RGB
hat tip:

Peter Dahman paper engineer

Cassells' carpentry and joinery - "first written and illustrated in 1854, painstakingly details all of the joinery techniques--many of them forgotten,” free downloadable book

Visualization of Amazonian bird calls

"Drawing from noise, and then making animated loopy GIFs from there"

Geometric pies (πs?)

Reversible tent design for homeless

Optical illusion

Diffusion Choir - a kinetic sculpture that uses 400 folding elements to reveal the movements of an invisible flock of birds

Cristian Marianciuc folds and decorates a different origami crane every day, for over 1000 days

Complexity in Nature albums

Max Bruckner’s collection of polyhedral models

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