Wednesday, June 2, 2021

Geometry Links - June 2, 2021

 Shape:  The Hidden Geometry of Information, Biology, Strategy, Democracy, and Everything Else

Disdyakis triacontahedron (120 sided) die rolling through the forest

Tensegrity from Jakobs Rope Systems, 34 Dorfstrasse, Trubschachen, Canton of Bern, Switzerland,7.8423839,3a,90y,18.85h,109.16t/data=!3m7!1e1!3m5!1s_1j2N4hwbyYghkQ-lx7WZw!2e0!!7i13312!8i6656

Atoms at the highest resolution ever

Milford Graves - a jazz drummer who made music and animations from his heart rhythms - Graves’ videos - remarkable animations of heart music around 32:00

Geometria Sagrada
hat tip

Polygon art
hat tip

Curtis L Palmer’s synergetic videos
hat tip CJ Fearnley

Japanese tensegrity blogs
hat tip CJ Fearnley

Animated Escher GIF
hat tip Barry Feldman 

Frequency Breakup NFT
hat tip Bruce Sterling

Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Thangs - 3D library with “geometric search"

Video of test for “Flux” installation

10 of Anne Lilly’s kinetic sculptures

The Infinite Pattern That Never Repeats more great videos at

Tetrahedron inside a cube inside a rhombic dodecahedron

Videos from Jane and John Kostick

Rinus Roelofs' geometric work

Collapsible tensegrity

Sigil Engine

David Novick’s color illusions

The Particle Hierarchy Paradigm : According to Field Structure Theory by Don Briddell - a new book on “how 'structural physics' explains fundamental structures”
The author is offering a collector edition limited to one-hundred copies in the following format:
1. For the Collector, one-hundred copies in Premium paper and color signed, remarked and numbered is offered. Price: $ 45.50 that includes shipping and can be ordered using your credit card through the website: and will be shipped from the publisher.
2. If you wish to use a check, it can be ordered by mail (that includes shipping) payable to the publisher Overboard Art Inc. Please note the postal service is terribly slow. Mail your check to:
Overboard Art Inc. Publishing
Attention: Field Structure Institute, Inc.
8002-A Dollyhyde Rd.
Mount Airy, MD 21771 USA
Or available from fine booksellers everywhere

Typography based upon Caribbean architecture

Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Geometry Links - April 21, 2021

Want to learn mathematical illustration, including CAM/CNC (controlling robots to cut wood) from me? Many other options including 3d modelling and storytelling. Apply for the @PCMI summer school on Illustrating Mathematics, July 19-23. #mathart #mtbos (we are the second week).
"The school is targeted both to graduate students and to mathematics community members from all backgrounds. So do apply if interested, but do not consider yourself a grad student. Math teachers are certainly welcome!"

“Let it begin with a tetrahedron” by Joe Clinton

John Kostick modeling the relationship of the Pentagonal Dodecahedron and Rhombic Dodecahedron which can share a cubic frame in vZome
and here:

The Levine Sequence

DNA Phenotyping
Editorial Comment: Who owns your DNA?

Biedermeier Secretary masterpiece hat tip

Flux from Collectif Scale hat tip to

Geometric projection candleholders Modular Arithmetic More from designer Glen Blanpied hat tip

Marlinespike Chandlery - intricate woven rope work

Collision of bubble rings
Bubble net feeding

Victor Acevedo’s geometric art NFTs

Tensegrity art by Gerald de Jong

Tuesday, March 9, 2021

Geometry Links - March 9, 2021

 Snowflakes in reverse

More giant snow designs

Morph - "486 stepper motors, 86,000 LEDs and a 5 channel granular synth engine"

Chaldny Figures, Cymatics, and the visualization of sound  - visualization starts about one minute in

Inflatable greenhouse structure

2-D Nanomaterials “kinked” to become transistors or computer chips

New crystalline form for ice:  Ice XIX
Editorial Comment:  A fictional Ice Nine appears in Kurt Vonnegut’s Cat’s Cradle.  Vonnegut’s brother, Bernard Vonnegut, was an atmospheric scientist who used silver iodide for cloud seeding.

Turing Patterns - a deep dive

Rubbish Things
Editorial Comment:  Reminds me of Theo Jansen’s Strandbeests crossed with Miyazaki’s anime yokai (Japanese spirit creatures)

Murmurations - the shape of the flights of flocks of starlings avoided a hawk
More at
Ornitographies by Xavi Bou

Unfolding “locked letters"
hat tip

Dots rotating around nested set of polygons

Joe Clinton models the tetra in an octa and a chiral transformation of the octahedron
Editorial Comment:  The tetra in octa model I published has inspired not only Joe Clinton but John Kostick and Tom Miller to do more work modelling and analyzing that structure.  That inspired me to correct and update my published nets for all
25 Interrelations of the Platonic Solids (Updated)

I’m currently working on modelling the relations between the 5 Platonics and both rhombic dodecahedra.   If somebody knows of a model of the pentagonal dodeca and the regular icosa inscribed within either rhombic dodeca I would love to see it.  Modelling the the tetra, cube, and icosa within either rhombic dodeca is interesting but fairly easy but I haven’t figured out the icosa and pentagonal dodeca inside the rhombic dodeca yet.

Tuesday, February 9, 2021

Geometry Links - February 9, 2021

 Neumorphic knots

WOWCube Demonstration
hat tip core77

Highest resolution snowflake photos
hat tip Azeem Azar

Graph paper 3-d illusion
hat tip

Snowshoe Art
hat tip Marjorie Farrell

Laser-cut geometric designs "exploring pattern language with mathematical and historical references through works in paper or wood"

Felix Semper makes flexible paper sculptures

vZome is a desktop app designed primarily for building virtual Zome models
hat tip John Kostick

Frank Stella’s stars

MC Escher:  Journey to Infinity
hat tip Victor Acevedo

Gary Doskas’ video series on spherical geometry - Gary’s models are beautiful and his work is deep

The geometry of Pringles™ “potato" chips
hat tip

Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Geometry Links - January 27, 2021

 Starship Orb
Editorial Comment:  Beautiful models but the “cosmic” vibe may put some people off.  You can ignore that and enjoy this detailed exploration of form.  Fine work.

Projection mapping on a wooden sculpture

5 Mystics who created Sacred Geometry Art
hat tip Linda Clave
Editorial Comment:  see above, incidentally Carl Gustav Jung’s Red Book is available online at

The structure of a “blue whirl” flame which burns all its fuel without producing soot

Projection mapping the world’s oldest sundial

Univ of Arkansas “courtyard curvahedra"
hat tip Vinay Gupta

Altered Insects - Steampunk insect art

Andy Goldsworthy’s Ice and Show Ephermeral Sculptures
Editorial Comment:  Two documentaries on Goldsworthy and his work:
Rivers and Tides
Leaning into the Wind
hat tip:  Ben Pincus

Video kinetic sculpture with double feedback loops
More videos and explanation at
And an earlier reference here at

Remembering Tony Longson, digital art pioneer
hat tip Victor Acevedo

Flatpack, non-deflatable soccer ball
Editorial Comment:  There is some sophisticated geometry in soccer balls.  I remember a lecture at a Synergetics Symposium on different designs which respond to kicks without deforming unduly:

50 hours to fold a samurai warrior from one sheet of paper
hat tip Judy Rothstein (and

Saturday, January 2, 2021

Geometry Links - January 2, 2020

 Two from Ian Willey

Electric icosahedron tensegrity
Folding flat-pack house model

Anthony Howe Fabricates a Kinetic Wind Sculpture
More Anthony Howe videos
hat tip

Jon Foreman’s environmental art
hat tip

Videos on Japanese joinery - including the “impossible joint"
hat tip

Snowflake growth time lapse

Snowflake macro photography

Stringed polyhedrons

Making a wooden solar insolation visualization - program to help you make your own - a collection of Python libraries for simulating the irradiation of any point on earth by the sun

Insect microscopy
hat tip Linda Clave

Top 10 illusions of the year

The blanket octopus
More at
hat tip Micah Daigle

New Year’s animation from Victor Acevedo

Happy Merry New and Bah Humbug to all!