Wednesday, March 8, 2023

Geometry Links - March 8, 2023

 Visualizing languages as sculptures

Ralph Ammer - How to Draw Ideas and Lots of Dots especially
hat tip Dr Robert Solomon

Steve Lawrence’s well-bred fractals

Virginia Fleck’s plastic bag mandalas
More of her recycled material art at
hat tip

Auguste Herbin - especially his L’Alphabet Plastique
hat tip Antiques Roadshow

Origami Fashion with Uyen Nguyen
hat tip

Octopus transform

Teaching geometry and math through quilting

from - a traveling exhibit of a large multimedia art installation that celebrates the creativity and beauty of mathematics
Quilter <>

Modular origami artist

Nathalie Meibach weaves data into shapes
I’ve mentioned her work before:

Friday, February 10, 2023

Geometry Links - February 10, 2023

 The Book of Leaves

Stool made from one repeating component
Another stool with a similar but different idea

Ice flower on Songhua River
hat tip Marjorie Farrell

Freaky Fractals: video feedback machine
hat tip

Toroidal propellers - quieter and more efficient

The industrial coastal pier of the former Steetley Magnesite Works on the coast at Hartlepool 

Geometry Study - Zen Garden Explorations
hat tip
More Zen sand garden geometric explorations at

Rinus Roelofs’ geometric videos
hat tip Olga Uskova

Medium density amorphous ice
New form of ice - there are 20 so far and theoretically around 300 different forms of ice possible
Ice XI:
hat tip Warren Ellis and Robert McElaney
Editorial Comment: I don’t believe they’ve found Vonnegut’s Ice Nine yet though and there’s probably much more to learn about H2O, especially at its temperature of highest density, 3.98°C or 39.164ºF, I suspect

3-D renderings of unbuilt Frank Lloyd Wright designs
hat tip

Natural fractals

Imaging technology revealing ancient secrets

Still time to RSVP for
Mathemalchemy Symposium:  Exploring the Intersections of Mathematics, Art, & Education
Friday, February 24th – 10 am to 4:00 pm
808 Gallery – 808 Commonwealth Ave. Boston, MA

Thursday, December 29, 2022

Geometry Links - December 29, 2022

 Bouncing the 30 strut tensegrity

Adding 3D fractals to real footage

Flaking Out - a gallery of paper snowflakes

Optical illusions of brightness reduce the pupil of the eye

Rotaboxes - a game where you rotate parts of a picture to complete it

Molly Montgomery’s photographs - I first searched her out for her alphabet rocks
hat tip

Generative jigsaw puzzles and much more
NYTimes article on their work

Paper marbling simulation

Octa-Tetra Museum of Dan Suttin
hat tip to David Brian Koski

Visualizing Complexity Modular Information Design Handbook
hat tip Rob Ray as a Cool Tools recommendation (

Folding Wall Desk from Robert van Embricqs
hat tip

Mathemalchemy - A collaborative art-math / math-art installation imagined and fabricated by 24 core mathemalchemists representing a diverse range of mathematical and artistic experience and expertise.
January 4-7 and January 19-March 4
BU, 808 Gallery, 808 Commonwealth Avenue, Boston
To learn more about the exhibition and related events, click here:

Happy Merry New and Bah Humbug!

Wednesday, November 9, 2022

Geometry Links - November 9, 2022

 3D printed wood that morphs from flat to shaped

Gary Doskas’ tetrahelix research lecture series (7 videos)

Cosmati Pavement mosaic floor of the High Altar of Westminster Abbey laid down in 1268
hat tip Rita Cummings

225 paper bag hats

Polyhedral perspective from The Polyhedrists: Art and Geometry in the Long Sixteenth Century by Noam Andrews

The rippled β-sheet layer configuration—a novel supramolecular architecture based on predictions by Pauling and Corey in 1953
hat tip

Sylvia Rucker’s geometric quilts
Editorial Comment:  Sylvia Rucker is the wife of mathematician and sf writer Rudy Rucker

Geometric patterns of planets
Editorial Comment:  May be a little outside for some but the patterns of the planets’ orbits in relation to each other are very spirographic, if you remember that toy, and beautiful

Geometry to simulate the moon’s gravity
More at

Geometric tent with advanced materials

Scott Albrechts typographical art

Sacred geometry children’s course - a little expensive and too outside for many but may be interesting to some, book coming soon

Saturday, August 27, 2022

Geometry Links - August 27, 2022

Link - a method for using scrap leather

Live stream of Webb telescope photographs
hat tip to Marc Rudnick
Zooming into the Southern Ring Nebula

Reclaim the Void - using traditional Aboriginal art to reclaim mining pits and holes
hat tip: Brenda Loew

Designing zeolites to trap molecules
Database of organic structure-directing agents for zeolites

Halitrephes maasi jellyfish

Shamanic art of Joska Soos, Magyar shaman

MIT Self-Assembly Lab

Solar Beach Umbrella from Italo Rota and Chuck Hoberman

Graphyne may be better than graphene and has now been produced in larger quantities
hat tip:

ORBIC Field v75x by Victor Acevedo
More at

"Observation of Time-Crystalline Eigenstate Order on a Quantum Processor" or time crystal made inside quantum computer

Edmund Harriss’ tiling installation at the Tulsa Regional STEM Alliance
(check out all the pictures)

Thursday, July 21, 2022

Geometry Links - July 21, 2022

Joey Roth’s poster explanations using clear line drawings now available as digital files

Arabic calligraphy
Solar Exoskeletons – An integrated building system combining solar gain control with structural efficiency

If AIs figure out how to cast spells

George Westren’s geometric art rescued from the trash

Polygons on Mars

Geri Hahn, an artist with synesthesia, explains her condition

Diana Scherer - artist inspired by root forms to make art and clothing

Making of the "Reference Flame" Tensegrity

The structure of corn kernels and Incan architecture
hat tip Dylan Loman

Making the Fletcher Capstan Table

Wadada Leo Smith’s Ankhrasmation

Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Geometry Links - May 24, 2022

Strandbeest evolution - Theo Jansen continues his work
Editorial Comment: I’d like to see Jansen and Miyazaki, the great anime creator, collaborate. They have similar imaginations.

Gerald de Jong’s "Tensegrity Twist Axis (4 struts, 9 cords). In real life you see curves )( that are not there."

Kinetic art piece

Origami simulator
hat tip

Puzzle maze bolt

The generative art of Emma Kunz

Saul Griffith et alia’s detailed Sankey diagram tracking every unit of energy in the USAmerican economy and what it does

"The geometric beauty of Singapore’s social housing tables"

He quit his job to make marbles

Environmental artist Jon Foreman
hat tip Rich Sage

Using sound to form and transform heart cells
hat tip Lorna Liana
Editorial Comment: Take a look at the work and life of Milford Graves, a drummer, teacher, and experimenter who treated his own disease of the heart with rhythm and music.
NYTimes article:
NYTimes obituary:

Rachel Dein’s "botanical art in plaster and concrete"