Thursday, July 21, 2022

Geometry Links - July 21, 2022

Joey Roth’s poster explanations using clear line drawings now available as digital files

Arabic calligraphy
Solar Exoskeletons – An integrated building system combining solar gain control with structural efficiency

If AIs figure out how to cast spells

George Westren’s geometric art rescued from the trash

Polygons on Mars

Geri Hahn, an artist with synesthesia, explains her condition

Diana Scherer - artist inspired by root forms to make art and clothing

Making of the "Reference Flame" Tensegrity

The structure of corn kernels and Incan architecture
hat tip Dylan Loman

Making the Fletcher Capstan Table

Wadada Leo Smith’s Ankhrasmation

Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Geometry Links - May 24, 2022

Strandbeest evolution - Theo Jansen continues his work
Editorial Comment: I’d like to see Jansen and Miyazaki, the great anime creator, collaborate. They have similar imaginations.

Gerald de Jong’s "Tensegrity Twist Axis (4 struts, 9 cords). In real life you see curves )( that are not there."

Kinetic art piece

Origami simulator
hat tip

Puzzle maze bolt

The generative art of Emma Kunz

Saul Griffith et alia’s detailed Sankey diagram tracking every unit of energy in the USAmerican economy and what it does

"The geometric beauty of Singapore’s social housing tables"

He quit his job to make marbles

Environmental artist Jon Foreman
hat tip Rich Sage

Using sound to form and transform heart cells
hat tip Lorna Liana
Editorial Comment: Take a look at the work and life of Milford Graves, a drummer, teacher, and experimenter who treated his own disease of the heart with rhythm and music.
NYTimes article:
NYTimes obituary:

Rachel Dein’s "botanical art in plaster and concrete"

Friday, April 29, 2022

Geometry Links - April 29, 2022

$100 flatpack solar hot water heater, made in Scotland, now being tested in Africa

Bike helmet geometry

Herbert W. Franke - 95 year old computer artist, scientist, philosopher

Geomorphological Landscapes
hat tip

1:44 Turquoise-Amethyst Portal at the Joshua Tree Retreat Center

Symmetry and simplicity spontaneously emerge from the algorithmic nature of evolution
hat tip
NYTimes article:

New form of ice - there are 20 so far and theoretically around 300 different forms of ice possible
Ice XI:
hat tip Warren Ellis and Robert McElaney
Editorial Comment: I don’t believe they’ve found Vonnegut’s Ice Nine yet though.

BBC on spirals

Is Geometry a Language That Only Humans Know?

Chainmail fabric goes from flexible to rigid
Paper: Structured fabrics with tunable mechanical properties
Editorial Comment: octahedral magic!

Yusuke Oono’s 360º pop-up books

24 beautiful blue Islamic buildings for Ramadan
hat tip Leela Corman (

Sunday, March 6, 2022

Geometry Links - March 6, 2022

 A "non-orientable surface” (Klein Bottle) generated by Gerald de Jong
Big Bang

Prithvi Dev, kinetic geometer, experimenting with graphic-screens, jitterbugs, and higher-dimensional moire patterns

Simon Beck’s snow art
Editorial Comment:  from Geometry Links for December 14, 2014:
Simon Beck’s snow and sand drawings

Making Designer Crystals?:  "Tunable assembly of hybrid colloids induced by regioselective depletion"

Mathemalchemy Exhibit - many videos, on display at US National Academies in Washington, DC until June 13
hat tip Edmund Harriss

Victor Acevedo’s "VR Domemaster video for Orbic Field dm02"

Angela Johal’s “chromesthetic geometric paintings"
hat tip

Franck Gérard's abstract digital works

Form for river flow

9 Women Artists Celebrating the Spirituality and Legacy of Hilma af Klint
hat tip

Casey House - Art, Photography, Geometry
hat tip Joe Clinton

Shapeshifting pen
Noah Deledda’s aluminum can sculptures

Monday, January 24, 2022

Geometry Links - January 24, 2022

 Geometric water saving faucet design
hat tip Marjom/2016/10/geometry-links-compendium-2011-october.html

Modules for storage from Danilo Olim

U, V, W modules
hat tip Daniel Ari Friedman

Best optical illusions of the year
hat tip

Sally Blake - woven and other work based on natural forms
hat tip

John Powers’ geometric art

Froebel blocks, from the inventor of kindergarten

Visualizing the evolution of the alphabet
hat tip to Guillermo Taccioli

Geometry reduces concrete 70% in precast slabs
hat tip Greg Watson

Unusual seed and fruit photography from Levon Biss Farrell

Freaky Flowers: Echinopsis Cacti in Bloom - time lapse of cactus flowers
hat tip

Bathsheba Grossman’s geometric art
Interview with Bathsheba Grossman, geometric sculptor - even  more 3D printed objects
hat tip
Grossman’s work has been featured here previously

Saturday, December 18, 2021

Geometry Links - December 18, 2021

 Right-Angle Doodling Machine
hat tip

Rock stacking simulator

Project Lotus - smart flowers which fold open in response to light

Seasonal Art of Slama Osijek
hat tip George Samuel

Rockerless rocking chair

Animation of Richard Feynman’s “Ode to a Flower”
hat tip Gil Friend

Polly Verity - paper sculptor
hat tip

Kaleidowall - modern origami wall art

Using machine learning to discover one of the first connections between the algebraic and geometric structure of knots
hat tip

Rudy Rucker’s unfolded hypercube model of the Robert Heinlein’s “Crooked House”

Kung fu motion visualization
hat tip

Dissection of a Tetrahedron - dividing a regular tetrahedron into halves, thirds, quarters

Dissection of a Tetrahedron

 Dividing a regular tetrahedron into halves, thirds, quarters - some models I’ve been playing with