Monday, May 1, 2017

Geometry Links - May 1, 2017

Business card Level 3 Menger Sponge at MIT and around the world
Jeannine Moseley did a folding session on the Menger Sponge with the Philomorphs once upon a time

John Coltrane and Geometry
hat tip to Steve Provizer

Camboo - bamboo pavilion for Phnom Penh

Constructive Interference - static-kinetic sculpture

Ornitographies by Xavi Bou

NASA’s space fabric - 4D printing, they say

Collatz Conjecture visualizations

Nick Cave’s Until at MOCA
Casey Curran’s kinetic sculptures

Seeing Theory - a visual introduction to probability and statistics

Buddy James visualizes the Dougherty Set
Hat tip to John Higli

The graphical language for the aliens in the film “Arrival”
Painting by Martine Bertrand upon which the language is based
Editorial Comment:  The film is well worth seeing and the team designed about 100 symbols and a methodology to create more.  Might be interesting to imagine such a language not only graphically but also sculpturally as well, a material speech.

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