Saturday, June 17, 2017

Geometry Links - June 17, 2017

Carbon fiber pavilion woven by robots and drones

Abdelaziz Nait Merzouk tiles and honeycombs

John Baez geometry

Collective Paper Aesthetics - cardboard and paper modular building systems

Josie Lewis geometric art

Myoshka really likes Greek meander patterns

Image of magnetic “bridge” between galaxies
hat tip Leela Corman

Frederik Vanhoutte's generative graphics

Nanoscale cell image - the research is on lipids but the figures show a detailed look at cell structure

Organic geometry by José Bernabé

Birdland by George Hart

World’s largest kaleidoscope - a rebuilt grain silo

John Edmark - spiraling patterns
hat tip John Belt

Lyman Whitaker - wind sculptures

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