Saturday, June 30, 2018

Geometry Links - June 30, 2018

Peace for Triple Piano - by Vi Hart
Making of video

Visual Reference Guide for Wood Joints

Geomorphic forms inspired by “urban fragments” of Seoul

3D printed magnetic shapeshifters

Shape-shifting flying robot
Editorial Comment:  I for one welcome our shape-shifting flying robot overlords.

Self-assembling dodecahedral silica nano-cage

Rogan Brown’s paper sculpture - biomorphic forms from corals to human microbiome

Vortex rings collisions

Fun with a carbon arc lamp

Scott Albrecht’s typographic deconstructions

Dichroic and other glass art by Chris Wood

Victor Acevedo has launched an Indiegogo campaign for a book on his work
"ACEVEDO in Context : will be an illustrated chronology about my life & art with an emphasis on the art. It will issued as an ebook and if the campaign goal is reached as a hardcopy print book as well. It will cover my work beginning in traditional media (painting & drawing) from 1977–85 to digital media from 1983–2018. It will include commissioned critical essays by two well-known art historians. All editions are projected to contain 250 pages including 175 images.”
Here is a link to the pitch video as it lives on Youtube:
Editorial Comment:  Victor is a long-time member of the Synergetics Collaborative and has videotaped many of the meetings and symposia.

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