Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Geometry Links - July 24, 2018

Louis Henry Sullivan's System of Architectural Ornament is a beautiful book by a pioneering architect

Laslit Supernova shape-shifting chandelier

Mary Wagner’s spirographic drawings

BlocksCAD - “use coding, math, & design to create 3D models.  Best for 3rd - 10th grade."

John Kostick:  "These are some models of interesting but not very well known space filling arrays that I've been working on rendering.  Some of this goes back 50 years or so, some is more recent."

Telemetron - a dodecahedral musical instrument designed for zero gravity

2-D 3-D art by Aakash Nihalani
Balancing Act - currently on Boston’s Rose Kennedy Greenway

A twitter bot creating a random 2-dimensional tiling once a day, by @roice713

Comparing City Street Orientations
City Street Orientations around the World
Bonus:  Jefferson Grid

Nano-kirigami to Manipulate Light

CGI Kaleidocycles

Editorial Comment:  I wonder if you can combine sphericons with Celtic stones or rattlebacks:

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